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E-learning (Online Training) Courses

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What is E-learning? In a nutshell, it’s training you can access anywhere, at any time.

E-learning is inherently mobile. Provided you’ve got an internet connection, a device to access our courses (smart phone, tablet, or computer) and speakers or headphones, you’re good to go. Anywhere.

You will save money and time without the need to travel anywhere. And who wouldn’t prefer to curl up on the couch with a tablet, a brew and a notepad to learn something new.

Our E-learning courses are short and module based, followed by questions to gauge understanding. Everyone will find them easy to digest, implement and remember. Your business also benefit with shorter course times, happier employees and increased productivity.

E-learning Benefits

Modular Courses

Bite size modules ensure everyone learns at their own pace

Individual Access

Each learner is given personal access to their courses

Easy to Schedule

Our courses easily slot into everyone’s daily schedule


Full Control

Use our LMS to maintain total control of your e-learning courses


Time Saving

Reduce the time needed to arrange and attend courses

Easily Monitor Progress

Quickly review how all learners are progressing their courses

Mobile Device Ready

Access your courses on all supported mobile devices

Certified Learning

Receive certificates for each course successfully completed

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Course Categories

We have over 40 different courses for you to choose from. Here are the categories covered, simply click on one of the options to view a specific group:

Health and Safety E-Learning training courses
Business Skills E-Learning training courses
Fire Safety E-Learning training courses
Food Safety E-Learning training courses

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