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Do you have someone acting as your competent person?

Previously in my blog posts, I asked if you had the time to effectively managing safety and if you or someone else is competent to do so. I know safety can be a challenging area to manage, yet is there is no need for it to be that way.


Have you considered an external competent person service?

An external service could resolve your safety challenges and would ensure you have access to a competent source of support and advice. Today, I wanted to show you how our retained competent person service works with a simple infographic. I’ve based the example on a business that has requested two days of onsite consultancy and two performance reviews per year. Each of our packages include an initial review and time to review / provide the necessary policy, procedures and plan.

Aren’t retained competent person services expensive?

A retained service may be cheaper than you think! By using our retained services, we will give you:

  • A healthy discount on all the time we spend in your workplace;
  • Unlimited support by email and phone;
  • Discounts on e-learning, classroom training courses and other consultancy.

There are other benefits too and we can tell you about them when we discuss your needs.


What’s next?

Give us a call to discuss your business’ health & safety, food safety and environmental management needs.

We tailor our retained service to your exact needs so you will be in complete control and ensure you have competent source of advice & support always available.

Please call us on 01257 444447 to discuss your needs now.



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