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Business Skills E-learning Courses

Our online business skills courses are used by individuals and employers alike, covering skills essential to optimise effectiveness in the workplace.

Many of our courses teach business skills known ‘soft skills’, which businesses look for in employees. They are the personal characteristics and attitudes an individual needs to make a positive contribution to a workplace; such as leadership, delegation, time management, and conflict resolution.

With social media being key to any business’ marketing strategy, it’s no surprise that our social media courses are very popular with business owners, bloggers and marketing professionals.

We have an extensive list of business skills courses available below. Bulk-buy discounts are available across all courses in our online shop where you could receive up to 25% off your purchases.

Social Media for Business business skills course icon

Social Media for Business

Social Media is now an essential marketing tool for all businesses. Having a strategy to get the most out of social media is key.

Search Engine Optimisation business skills course icon

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is important for getting your websites ranked well in search engine results to help your for clients and prospects find you.

Time Management business skills course icon

Time Management

Learn the essential techniques to manage your time effectively in all situations and improve your everyday efficiency in the workplace.

Stress Management business skills course icon

Stress Management

Stress counts for high numbers of work related illness. Learn more about the signs & triggers of stress and management techniques.

Leadership Skills business skills course icon

Leadership Skills

Discover the important techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.

Presentation Skills business skills course icon

Presentation Skills

Discover the common mistakes made with presentations and learn from the good practices identified and practical advice given.

Project Management business skills course icon

Project Management

Learn about the project management techniques needed to successfully manage and complete projects on time and within budget.

Effective Delegation business skills course icon

Effective Delegation

Discover how effective managers and leaders delegate to ensure all tasks are completed successfully by the right people.

Customer Service business skills course icon

Customer Service

Discover the methods & skills you and your employees need to provide great customer service for happy clients & customers.

Data Protection in the Workplace business skills course icon

Data Protection in the Workplace

Discover what you need to do to safeguard the personal data handled in your workplace to ensure you are legally compliant.

Equality Diversity & Discrimination business skills course icon

Equality Diversity & Discrimination

Learn about the important topics of ‘equality’ and diversity’ in the workplace and why they can lead to discrimination.

Conflict Resolution in Workplace business skills course icon

Conflict Resolution in Workplace

Discover how conflict in the workplace happens, understand how this can happen and how to effectively manage conflict.

Facebook For Business - business skills course icon

Facebook For Business

Discover how Facebook offers you a great opportunity to communicate with your existing clients and target potential prospects.

LinkedIn For Business - business skills course icon

LinkedIn For Business

Learn why LinkedIn is used by the leading business owners to connect with other individuals and businesses they are looking for.

Twitter For Business - business skills course icon

Twitter For Business

Discover why Twitter isn’t only used by celebrities and see how businesses engage with their customers and prospects alike.

Disciplinary Procedures business skills course icon

Disciplinary Procedures

Discover the aims of disciplinary procedures, from starting investigations, to holding hearings and what happens afterwards.

Anti Harassment and Bullying business skills course icon

Anti Harassment and Bullying

Learn about the commitments needed in your company’s anti-harassment and bullying policy to comply with UK law.

Anti Harassment and Bullying business skills course icon


Learn about negotiation and the skills needed for you to be a successful and more effective negotiator in the workplace.

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