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About BRS Solutions

Let’s face it, Health and Safety is boring. Painfully boring. The paperwork, the legal minefields, the headache of signs and subjects; it takes a special type of person to enjoy the overabundance of red tape. A guy in a suit as stiff and dull as his clipboard, you know the one, right? The dreaded consultant. That’s not BRS Solutions (thankfully).

At BRS Solutions, we throw that particular stereotype to the wind and wear branded polo shirts. We want you to know who we are. We want you to feel that you can always easily approach our team. After all, we’re just normal people; we like to have a chat and a laugh and we like to keep things down to earth.

That’s not to say, however, that we don’t know our industry, we are professionals and we conduct ourselves as such. We don’t want to scare and criticise our clients into compliance and we don’t look down on you. We want to help and work alongside you in a friendly, approachable manner.

BRS Solutions - Health and Safety Consultant in Chorley, Lancashire

What Does BRS Solutions Do?

Our aim is to work with small businesses to provide a selection of low cost retained services tailored to the needs of each client. We also offer full consultancy services in association with our partner consultants, so we always have someone with the expertise to meet the needs of specialist industries anywhere in the UK. See our Retained Service page for more details and prices.

We love our E-learning courses. We really can’t say enough about the benefits of E-learning and its’ user-friendliness.  The application of online training in the workplace is inimitable. We have online courses available in health and safety, fire safety, food safety and business skills.  See our E-learning page for more details and links to all of our 42 courses.

We do, of course, also offer classroom training as well that are certified through IOSH, CIEH and NEBOSH.  Have a look at our dedicated classroom training page for more details.

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