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BRS Solutions Anniversary Special Offers

We’ve been in business for 1 year (yay)! To celebrate, we’ve got some BIG anniversary offers to dish out: Get 1 EXTRA day of consultancy for FREE on all of our Work Safe and Office Safe retained service packages... We know small and medium sized businesses don’t...

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Top Tips For Keeping Your Office Safe

Office safety is something to take seriously as injuries do happen in offices, and ill health can be suffered like any other more hazardous workplace. The good news is that office safety can be managed in-house, by you. Our top tips sum up the most important aspects...

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Top tips for writing a health and safety policy statement

Your business must have a health and safety policy. If you have 5 or more employees you need to have a written policy - by law. A health and safety policy defines how a business will manage their tasks and workplace(s) in a safe manner, ensuring that any hazards are...

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Do You Have A Competent Person For Your Business

Do you have someone acting as your competent person? Previously in my blog posts, I asked if you had the time to effectively managing safety and if you or someone else is competent to do so. I know safety can be a challenging area to manage, yet is there is no need...

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Elearning vs Classroom Training Infographic

Do you know what type of training is best for you and your business? As with most things in life, there are many factors that need to be considered when selecting training. We have created this infographic to highlight 10 important differences between e-learning and...

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Elearning Top Benefits Infographic

You may have already seen our recent blog post about the top 5 benefits of e-learning (click here if you would like to read it). If you haven't, there is no need to worry as we have created this handy infographic to summarise the benefits: What we offer We have a...

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